All Aspects Of Law

At Rabie Botha Associates we pledge ourselfs to professional excellence through hard work.

About Us

Rabie Botha & Associates Incorporated is a law firm dedicated to ethical, professional, reliable, specialised and exceptional service in various legal and technical disciplines.

Rabie Botha & Associates Incorporated manages law concerns and represents clients in extensive areas such as: commercial litigation, personal injury claims, banking and finance, consolidation, family law, labour disputes, insolvency law, arbitration and dispute resolution, amongst others. 

We aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal services across our offices, situated in Mooikloof, Pretoria and Balfour, Mpumalanga. In a rapidly ever changing world, a group of proficient fresh thinkers combined with proven experience is what we provide in our diverse team. 

With a hands on approach, coupled with values such as honesty, integrity and sincerity, we not only position our clients for success, but deliver a unique client experience, going far beyond the mere application of law, resulting in genuine long lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Pledge

At Rabie Botha Associates we pledge ourselves to professional excellence through hard work.

Premises And Facilities

The office computers are networked and subscribe to an internet service and special legal online database service, giving access to inter alia; Government Gazettes, statutes, case law and other information documents.

We are in line with modern trends and entered into association with other leading firms in order to be of service both Regionally and Nationally.


The firm has a positive attitude towards employment equity and accommodates all different sex and race groups.

The firm’s client base exists of Financial Institutions, Commercial Institutions, Insurance Companies and members of the public, as well as Town Councils. To the great extent the firm specializes in the Local Government field.

The firm has a motto of effective and speedy services to the benefit of its clients.

The firm puts the interest of its client’s first.

The firm is a general firm who specializes in all facet of law.

The firm has an excellent infrastructure for conveyancing, collection, Road Accident Fund claims and litigation matters and prepare all the preliminary as well as the final documents. The firm has access to records at the Deeds Office.

The firm believes in effective control of all instructions, which are monitored by the directors themselves.

Pretoria Offices

087 096 0198


Balfour Offices

017 773 0926


Pretoria Office

Plot 117, Zwavelspoort, Mooikloof, Pretoria, 0001
Tel: 087 096 0198
Fax: 017 773 0973

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Balfour Office

110A Themba Shozi Street, Balfour, 2410
Tel: 017 773 0926
Fax: 017 773 0937

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